When Pay Does Not Match Up With Employers’ Promises Or Employment Law

Wage and hour claims are all too common in employment law cases. Employers should know the laws and best practices regarding employee classification and wage and hour matters, such as the following:

  • Most employers must pay a minimum wage. Some try to get around those laws by paying in cash or otherwise finding ways around laws covering basic wages.
  • Employment contracts must be honored. When an employer fails to pay as promised, an employee is justified in looking for ways to enforce the employment contract.
  • Hourly workers must be paid overtime when they work more than 40 hours a week or work on certain national holidays.
  • Workers must be correctly classified as hourly or exempt employees. The “exempt” category includes salaried managers and others with supposedly higher levels of responsibility. The catch is when employers label employees as “managers” but treat them exactly like hourly employees except through failure to pay them overtime.
  • Hourly employees are entitled to rest breaks. However, workplace practices sometimes result in underpayment of workers who are not allowed to take breaks or are not paid for the time as required by law.
  • Workers deserve proper treatment overall, not just in terms of wages. Sometimes employers call full-time workers “independent contractors” but tell them where to go and what to do as if they were employees. They not only avoid paying overtime in many cases but also avoid providing benefits such as vacation, sick leave and health insurance.

What Injustice Brought You To This Webpage?

Does your employment situation seem similar to any of these examples? Are other employees being underpaid and undervalued? It may be possible to correct the widespread wrongdoing through a wage and hour class action suit. If you win, you and your fellow workers may be entitled to back pay for:

  • Overtime that was not paid at overtime rates
  • Vacation pay that you should have received
  • The difference between minimum wage and what workers have actually been paid
  • Unpaid rest breaks

Consult With A Successful Wage And Hour Law Attorney

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