Is Your Employer Reimbursing Job Expenses As Required By Law?

California state law requires employers to cover “all necessary expenditures or losses incurred by the employee in direct consequence of the discharge of his or her duties.” (See California Labor Law 2802). Examples include uniforms, photographs, mandatory medical exams and other business expenses. Does your employer follow this rule? If not, what can you do to protect your rights?

You may be financially inconvenienced when your employer requires you to pay for internet services to work at home at a time when all employees are required to work at home. You may use gasoline to make deliveries for your employer. Your employer may insist that you wear particular shoes when doing business with clients on the employer’s behalf.

In any such situation, it is worthwhile to ask an employment law attorney for advice. Can you stand up for your rights without jeopardizing your good reputation as a team player in your company? Manfred, APC, has years of experience advising workers who had been taken advantage of by their employers. We often find that it would not be financially feasible for an individual employee to take on an employer in such a case, but that a class action can solve the problem.

Get Advice And Help Now

Allow attorney Manfred Muecke to evaluate your situation and determine whether a class action is the best path for relief after your employer has been asking employees to buy their own uniforms, computers and more. You may be in a solid position to initiate a class action or there may be one in progress that you can join. In either case, you may discover that there is strength in numbers when it comes to employers who violate laws and employees who need help enforcing those laws.

Schedule a consultation about your situation by calling 619-550-4005 or by sending an email inquiry through this website. We are ready to help you right the wrong if your employer has not reimbursed you properly for job-related expenses.