Valuable Advice And Advocacy For California’s Employees

An employee has every right to expect employers to follow laws governing employment relationships. There are wage and hour laws, laws against discrimination and harassment, and laws about reimbursement of employees’ job expenses. Get legal advice when situations at work seem out of line with state and federal employment laws.

If you have experienced unfair conditions on the job, Manfred, APC, offers the counsel and representation that you need to protect yourself. Your case may positively affect fellow workers as well. Attorney Manfred Muecke focuses the firm’s law practice on advocacy for employees, along with consumers, investors, and insurance policyholders.

Signs Of Something Wrong In The Workplace

You may be justified for suspecting injustice at your place of employment for any of the following reasons.

Your employer classifies you as an exempt employee, calling you a manager, when in fact, your duties resemble those of hourly wage employees, apparently to keep from paying you overtime when you are asked to work late.

Coworkers, clients or upper management personnel tell off-color jokes in your presence, make fun of your wardrobe or body type, comment on your personal life or proposition you sexually. You may have asked them to stop, without success.

To do your job, you may be required to supply expensive equipment, pay for internet services or buy your own uniform. You wonder if your employer is legally required to reimburse you for job-related expenses.

When you attempt to take a legal family or medical leave per the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) or the New Parent Leave Act (NPLA), your employer disapproves or if you have already taken such a leave, you experience apparent retaliation through a demotion or discharge.

In any of these or other troubling aspects of your work environment quality, you are wise to realize that it’s time to discuss the facts and explore options with an employment law attorney.

Schedule A Consultation

Manfred, APC, is available to provide the information and guidance that you need to improve your workplace experience or pursue compensation after a wrongful discharge. By evaluating your case, we may determine that you are in a good position to initiate or join a class action lawsuit against your employer. Alternatively, we may recommend that you file complaints and bring an individual lawsuit to set things straight.

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