• “He consistently communicated with me throughout the process which gave me peace of mind. He was a pleasure to work with and is truly vested in your interests in working to combat unfair business practices and consumer fraud.”

    - Shawn S.
  • “He was always available, and kept me informed during my legal process. I was impressed with his experience and competency, and I was extremely satisfied with my financial settlement.”

    - Mike N.
  • “Manfred wanted to make sure that I, as his client, felt comfortable throughout the case with everything that was going on, including depositions. I was also very happy with the ultimate financial resolution that was obtained for myself and other class memb”

    - Kostan L.
  • “I would highly recommend Mr. Manfred for any insurance-related litigation to anyone.”

    - Mike F.
About Us
We are dedicated to helping exclusively plaintiffs with consumer financial fraud, employment law matters, class actions, and more.

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  1. 1
    Exclusively Representing Plaintiffs
    Throughout his career, Manfred has consistently shown his commitment to fighting for the little guy by only representing plaintiffs.
  2. 2
    Personalized Attention for Each Client
    Manfred makes it his goal to ensure his clients get the help they need by aligning their goals with the proper strategy.
  3. 3
    Nearly 20 Years of Legal Experience
    With a career spanning nearly two decades, Manfred has extensive experience litigating class action cases, consumer financial fraud cases, employment law cases, and much more.
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