Were You Cheated Through A Fraudulent Investment Scheme?

A common way of scamming the public involves tricking people into making investments that are doomed to fail. That is, individual investors will likely lose while a mastermind at the top swindles them through fraud.

If you have been the target of investor fraud, you should seek out a knowledgeable consumer fraud lawyer and explain what happened. Explore your legal options for recovering your investment losses. Manfred, APC, is ready to advise you.

How Investor Fraud Often Works

Investor fraud claims typically involve the illegal sale of financial instruments. Perpetrators may target specific groups such as a religious group, a fraternal society or a particular ethnic group of recent immigrants. These perpetrators will go to great lengths to build trust before raking in the money that will come through doomed investments.

Once the wrongdoer investment brokers have groomed a certain class of people, they then push Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, “pump and dump” tactics and advance fee schemes. There may or may not be criminal charges, but in any case, a civil claim is worth considering.

There Is No Shame For The Defrauded, But There Is Blame For The Perpetrator

It is natural to feel embarrassed or foolish, as well as outraged, once you realize that you and others have been duped. It may also be personally devastating, as well as disruptive to the group that was cheated. The clearest path to recovering your losses may be through a class action suit involving as many people as possible from among the group that was scammed.

Manfred, APC, in San Diego, has successfully represented numerous individuals and groups in investor fraud cases. Plaintiff lawyer Manfred Muecke’s 18 years in practice have prepared him to evaluate the merits of both individual and class action claims against individuals and organizations that craft methods of investment fraud. To schedule a consultation, call 619-550-4005 or complete our simple online form.