When An Insurer Has Cheated You (And Perhaps Others)

Insurance is a fact of life for Americans. It is, in fact, a legal requirement to carry insurance when driving a car. It is normally a business requirement for obtaining a mortgage or a boat loan to have the home or boat insured for the duration of the loan. It is considered virtually essential by many people to have health insurance, especially considering the exorbitant costs of many varieties of health care – especially in case of a serious illness like cancer.

So consumers are a captive audience in the eyes of many insurers. People shopping for insurance policies may rely on general reputations of insurers, but they may not realize when even well-respected insurers are taking advantage of them through fees or delays in paying out claims. Have you been subjected to unfair treatment by an insurer? Have you discovered ways in which you were being overcharged or loopholes that were not expressed in plain English as your insurer used them to deny a claim?

Did Your Insurer Refuse To Pay A Fair Price After A Wildfire?

Did your trusted insurance company undervalue your property after your home was destroyed in a wildfire in Southern California? The insurer may have pointed to some technicality such as a long-ago late premium payment as justification to deny your legitimate claim. Did your health insurance company pledge to pay for medical treatments and then fail to do so? These are common experiences, unfortunately.

In whatever ways you have been wronged by an insurer, you are not likely the only one. Manfred, APC, in San Diego, helps cheated insurance policyholders hold scamming insurers responsible. Sometimes class action lawsuits are the most cost-effective way to correct a widespread bad faith insurance problem.

Reach Out To A Lawyer Who Can Set Things Straight

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