Unfair Insurance Practices

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While policyholders assume their insurance carrier will be there when disaster strikes, sometimes that is not always the case. Unfair and deceptive insurance practices generally occurs when a policyholder has not received the benefits of the insurance policy after paying premiums for months and sometimes years. As a result, policyholders can suffer substantial financial loss whether the policy at issue is for coverage for an automobile, home, or life. 

There are an incredible variety of insurance policies within general categories of insurance. For instance, auto insurance policies can include comprehensive or standard policies as well as “GAP” coverage which covers the spread between the purchase price of a car and the car's actual value. 

Similarly, life insurance policies can range from simple term polices to complex universal and whole life policies that have investment components embedded in the policy. Even more, annuities are another form of insurance similar to life insurance policies that can span from straightforward fixed annuities to incredibly complex and often costly indexed annuity products. 

If you think your insurance company has unfairly deprived you of the financial benefits of your policy, don't hesitate to reach out to Manfred, APC to discuss your potential claims against your insurer.

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