Class Actions For Defrauded Consumers

When a consumer fraud case is too expensive for an individual, a class action lawsuit may be the solution. If you have lost time and money in business deals as a consumer, you are wise to consider starting or joining a class action.

Manfred, APC, in San Diego, provides valuable information and persistent representation on behalf of groups of consumers who have had similar sour experiences when dealing with commercial entities such as retailers, mortgage companies, insurance companies and home maintenance businesses. Sometimes we represent individuals in claims against these businesses, too.

To discuss your consumer fraud complaint with an experienced attorney, contact our class action law firm. Let our plaintiff lawyers know about companies that have wronged you by committing fraud in one of the following ways.

  • They cheated you out of money that you paid them, without delivering the benefits that you expected.
  • They stole your personal information and abused it in some way.
  • They falsely advertised a product or service.
  • They used unethical debt collection practices.
  • They violated other laws or regulations regarding doing business.

What Consumer Fraud Class Actions Are About And How To Pursue Justice

Our economy depends in large part on the integrity of venders. People who buy things or pay for necessary services rightfully expect companies to act with good faith and deliver what they promise.

Few people in today’s world live in small villages like those of centuries past, where everyone knew everyone and a person’s name was an expression of trustworthiness or the opposite. Instead, a great many people in our modern society do business with stores, manufacturers and service providers whom they don’t know personally.

Numerous laws protect consumers, but in many cases, to get the benefit of those laws after a violation, a consumer must file a complaint and then bring legal action. Preparing a compelling case may be out of reach for an individual consumer, but when numerous wronged consumers join together, a class action may succeed with a reasonable cost-to-benefit ratio.

Know Your Rights And Review Legal Options

Discover whether your consumer law complaint might become a class action lawsuit against a manufacturer, marketer or retailer, or if you can join an existing class action. Contact Manfred, APC, at 619-550-4005 or send an email inquiry to get in touch with a class action attorney.