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Strategic Solutions For Defrauded Consumers

Unfair and deceptive business practices take many shapes and forms whether it be hidden or junk fees, undisclosed charges or interest rates, defective product designs, among other issues. Fortunately, there are numerous consumer protection statutes that are potentially available to combat these practices. 

Manfred, APC in San Diego is a trusted law firm that provides innovated strategies and solutions on behalf of consumers who have incurred financial loss through unfair and fraudulent business practices with entities such as banks, retailers, mortgage companies, insurance companies, and home maintenance businesses. 

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Consumer Fraud Claims We Handle at Manfred, APC

Let us know about the type of consumer fraud and unfair business practices you have suffered including certain common types of violations below: 

  • Violations by banks, fintech companies, and other financial institutions of various consumer protection statutes arising from overdraft fees, failure to investigate fraudulent transactions, and undisclosed charges.
  • Violations of state privacy statutes by companies who are in possession of your personally identifiable information.
  • Violations by mortgage companies, banks, and lenders for failing to disclose true loan costs, interest, and fees.

Numerous laws protect consumers in California, but in many cases, to get the benefit of those laws after a violation, a consumer must file a complaint and then bring legal action. Depending on the violation and other issues at hand, an individual action may make sense for certain harmed individual consumers, but when numerous wronged consumers join together, a class action may succeed with a reasonable cost-to-benefit ratio.

Know Your Rights & Review Your Legal Options

Discover whether your consumer law complaint might become a class action lawsuit against a manufacturer, marketer, or retailer, or if you can join an existing class action. 

Our law firm is prepared to counsel California clients regarding whether they are eligible to file or join a class action lawsuit, assist in any necessary legal processes, calculate how much in damages you deserve, and fight for you in court. 

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