Successful Recovery In California Class Action Cases

At Manfred, APC, we understand that you may feel you are in a precarious position when first thinking about filing a class action lawsuit. This is never truer than when you are an employee filing suit against your employer.

With the experience, skill and legal savvy needed for class action work, at Manfred, APC your case is handled with the care and discretion is deserves. Manfred, APC, can help with myriad and diverse California class action issues, including:

    • Insurance fraud: When policyholders join together to sue an insurance company on behalf of other policyholders. These are usually based on the insurance company denying certain claims for many policyholders.
    • Investor fraud claims: These claims involve the illegal sale of financial instruments. Perpetrators usually target specific groups (such as a church group or recent immigrants) to build trust. These claims typically involve Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, “pump and dump” and advance fee schemes.
    • Fraud to consumers: This type of fraud happens when a company cheats buyers out of their money, steals their information, falsely advertises a product or service, or uses unethical practices for debt collection or other business practices.

Not sure if you have a case? Did you read about a suit that is already in progress that you would like to seek participation in? Call Manfred, APC, and be informed of your rights and next steps. Currently, three major class action cases are underway that may affect you or someone you know: An employment law work-from-home case, a mortgage convenience fee case and an auto total loss claims case. Read on to learn more.

Employment Law Issues And Class Action Suits In California

If your class action suit is regarding something your employer is requiring you to do, such as use your own electronic devices for work, drive your own car or another requirement that you should be reimbursed for, know that you can file a suit while at your job. California Labor Code Section 2802 and federal law both protect you from being fired, from being demoted or from any adverse effects at work because you exercised your legal right to bring about a lawsuit.

If you, like many Americans, have been working remotely during this time, it’s likely that you have incurred a few out-of-pocket expenses. These may include having to purchase office furniture, needing internet connectivity and having to buy video meeting apps or software. It also costs money to run a home office as your monthly utility bill has likely increased (for 24/7 air conditioning, running computers, monitors and printers).

If you travel for your job, you should be getting reimbursed for mileage, gas, meals, car insurance and other costs related to your work such as tolls and parking. If you lost your job because you were unable to pay these costs, consult an attorney about possible recourse. As per the law, you should be reimbursed by your employer for “all necessary expenditures or losses” which are “in direct consequence” of you doing your job.

You do have rights and there is often a time limit as to when you take action, so the sooner you reach out, the better.

Homeowners’ Mortgage Convenience Fees Class Action

If you are a California homeowner with a mortgage, you may be assessed an online or phone convenience fee each time you pay your mortgage. This amounts to a “pay-to-pay” fee. Such fees are not allowed under California contract law. Further, if the loan is federally insured, these fees may run afoul of FHA/HUD guidelines that specify which fees are allowed to be assessed by the servicer of the loan.

If you pay these fees, you may be being financially discriminated against. You may be part of a group of people who pay month-to-month instead of having the mortgage taken directly out of your account. If you were a victim of this illegal practice, you can join a class action lawsuit that seeks to get back the money you paid in pay-by-phone surcharges. The cost to process a typical mortgage payment is $.50. Some companies are charging as much as a $12 fee. It is illegal to charge more than it costs and pocket the difference. The class action suit would send a strong message to lenders and work to put an end to this kind of predatory behavior. Some states also allow for the collection of other damages, which could mean additional monetary awards for lawsuit participants.

A Class Action Suit For People Who Lost Their Vehicle In A Crash

If you were involved in a car accident and your California vehicle was totaled and your insurance company did not pay you for all taxes and title transfer fees, the company may be in breach of contract. In some cases, car owners have had to pay thousands of dollars in these fees when their insurance company should have covered them. The actual cash value of your vehicle includes taxes and fees. If you feel this may have happened to you, reach out to the class action attorney today at Manfred, APC, and find out how to join the suit. Joining the suit is often as simple as filing out a one-page document.

Find Out What Your Options Are For Recourse And Monetary Recovery

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