NordicTrack s15i and NordicTrack s22i Defects Lead to Consumer Complaints

Posted by Manfred P. MueckeJun 03, 20210 Comments

Issues With NordicTrack S15i and NordicTrack S22i

The NordicTrack S15i and NordicTrack S22i exercise bikes are high-tech models intended to compete with the Peleton line of iFIT enhanced fitness cycles. Unfortunately, numerous product defects have made their new equipment practically unusable for many consumers.

Despite generally positive reviews, customers have taken to the internet to report a variety of problems:

  • Resistance stops working
  • Random incline adjustments
  • Incline stops working
  • Software problems
  • Defective hardware

A defective wire assembly may be at the heart of many of the most serious problems people are having with these bikes, some of which occurred after only a few days.

How Has NordicTrack Responded?

Consumers are reporting mixed results from the company. Some say NordicTrack shipped out replacement parts within a week. Others report spending hours on hold only to receive no assistance. Some customers fixed their problem once, only to repeatedly have it come back. Other consumers have reported receiving a repair charge from the company to fix their bikes.

Is There Potential for a Class Action Lawsuit?

NordicTrack provides a limited warranty on both models covering the frame for ten years, parts for two years, and labor for one year. However, with many consumers not receiving the promised replacements or repairs, a class action suit against the company could be imminent.

After paying $1,500 to almost $2,000 for a product that isn't living up to the company's promises, consumers are understandably frustrated. However, legal options exist if the company doesn't make good on its warranty.

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