General Motors Recall Affects a Staggering 400,000 Pickups

Posted by Manfred P. MueckeJul 15, 20210 Comments

The developments in technology and vehicle construction have drastically improved commuter safety since the creation of the first cars. However, occasional blunders in manufacturing can expose vehicle occupants to unnecessary risks.  

When discoveries reveal potential hazards in a vehicle's operation, immediate action should follow to inform affected consumers. Reckless behavior on behalf of manufacturers can endanger unaware consumers and result in costly legal repercussions.  

Recall over airbag concerns

General Motors recently issued a recall for various models of GMC pickup trucks citing safety concerns over a malfunctioning airbag component. The recall affects over 400,000 vehicles manufactured in the years 2015 and 2016. U.S. safety regulators reported that a defect during the manufacturing process allowed moisture to compromise the inflator. This accelerated erosion of the inflator may cause it to explode and eject pieces into the truck's cab.  

In the last few months, three reports of exploding airbags came from truck owners across the United States. In addition to the latest recall, GM issued a recall of 9,000 trucks last year to address the same issue.  

Next steps for consumers

Dealers have received instructions to replace airbags in affected trucks, free of charge for impacted vehicle owners. Those awaiting action should expect a letter in the mail informing them of the next steps to have their trucks repaired.  

The negligence or oversight on behalf of manufacturers should not disrupt consumers' lives, safety, or well-being. If people have suffered injury or property damage due to the malfunctioning component, they may pursue legal action. Working with an attorney may help affected individuals acquire the compensation they deserve.  

Source: ABC News, “GM recall: Side air bags can explode in Chevy, GMC pickups,” Jul. 9, 2021