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Are California Homeowner Insurance Policyholders Getting A Full Payout On Claims From Their Insurance Company?

Posted by Manfred P. MueckeMay 30, 20230 Comments

Did you recently file a property insurance claim on your home? Did you obtain the full amount you were owed under your claim? Under California law, property insurance companies may only deduct items subject to physical depreciation and not depreciate certain line items on a property insurance claim such as labor, taxes, contractor profit & overhead, and fees. Our firm is investigating whether USAA and other property insurance companies are unlawfully depreciating certain property insurance claim line items that are not subject to physical depreciation. If you've submitted a property insurance claim with USAA or other property insurance company, please don't hesitate to reach out to us to determine whether you received all benefits and monetary compensation owed to you under your policy.

Am I Entitled to a Meal Break in California?

Posted by Manfred P. MueckeJul 28, 20210 Comments

About California Meal Break Law In many ways, California labor law is more generous to workers as compared to federal laws. For example, under California law non-exempt workers must receive an uninterrupted 30-minute meal break if they work for more than 5 hours. However, if you do not work more ...

Bad Faith Practices in Insurance

Posted by Manfred P. MueckeJul 14, 20210 Comments

When you purchase insurance coverage, you sign a contract in good faith with a company that you trust will cover problems like car accidents or medical emergencies. What happens when the insurer refuses to pay out for a claim that the insurance policy covers? Are you the only one the company is d...

Are Your Wages Being Stolen by Your Employer?

Posted by Manfred P. MueckeJul 12, 20210 Comments

Perhaps you suspect your company does not pay you fair wages, but you cannot prove it. Even if the stolen wages amount to little, you deserve to know. The Economic Policy Institute explores underhanded ways employers steal wages from workers. If any of the following sound familiar, you may have a...

Get the Facts About Equal Pay Action Against Google

Posted by Manfred P. MueckeJun 23, 20210 Comments

According to a May 2021 report in the Los Angeles Times, a group of four women received class-action status for their gender discrimination lawsuit against Google. Nearly 11,000 current and former female employees could potentially benefit from a victory in the case, which seeks more than $600 mi...

What Should Workers Know About Overtime Pay?

Posted by Manfred P. MueckeMay 25, 20210 Comments

Your employer may allow or require you to work overtime. Beyond accomplishing tasks that needed a bit more time and helping the team, putting in more hours at work may pad your paycheck. Having a general understanding of the state's overtime laws may help you protect yourself and your rights in t...

How Fast Should an Insurance Claim Process?

Posted by Manfred P. MueckeApr 08, 20210 Comments

One of the ways an insurance company may perpetrate fraud is by stalling the claims process and avoiding any decision on your claim. It can help you to assess the situation better by understanding how long the process should take. Trusted Choice explains the insurance claims process for a home in...

Judge Allows Class-Action Against Apple to Continue

Posted by Manfred P. MueckeMar 24, 20210 Comments

While most people in California may have heard about a class-action lawsuit, few might actually understand the principle behind it. A simple answer might be that such an action is a legal claim filed on behalf of multiple parties, yet it may be even more complex than that. These complexities ofte...

Are Mortgage Convenience Fees Legal?

Posted by Manfred P. MueckeMar 09, 20210 Comments

You may question why you have to pay “convenience fees” when paying for certain things, such as your mortgage, over the phone or online. You may have questions about exactly what those fees cover. Are they even legal?  Per the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the bureau has issued warnings a...

Examining FMLA Entitlements

Posted by Manfred P. MueckeFeb 18, 20210 Comments

Outside of perhaps a pregnancy, you cannot anticipate experiencing health issues that require you to involve yourself in extensive recuperative therapy (either your own or that of a family member). If and when such a need arises, your immediate fear will likely be what the impact might be on your...

Do You Have a Case for Employee Misclassification?

Posted by Manfred P. MueckeFeb 08, 20210 Comments

Sometimes, an employer may misclassify all workers as a way to save money. When you work as an independent contractor, your employer does not have to provide you with benefits nor pay employment taxes on your earnings. It can be a huge draw to employers to try to work the system by misclassifying...

Do You Know How Much Your Credit Costs?

Posted by Manfred P. MueckeFeb 02, 20210 Comments

Not only is using a credit card an easy way to purchase groceries, goods, and other essential items, but it also may be an effective strategy for building a strong credit score. Still, reaching for your credit card to make payments or peer-to-peer transfers through Venmo, PayPal or other apps may...

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