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A Commitment To Fighting For Individuals Who Have Been Harmed

Based in San Diego, California, Manfred has continuously advocated on behalf of a broad and diverse group of plaintiffs and class members over his entire legal career covering a wide array of complex class action matters including antitrust, investor & consumer financial fraud, consumer insurance, employee wages & benefits, and civil rights.

His career has spanned nearly two decades during which time he worked well over 15 years for one of the preeminent plaintiff-side consumer and insurance fraud class action firms in the country. 

During this time, Manfred helped recover substantial financial losses and benefits for elder policyholders of complex life insurance and annuity products which had substantive investment components embedded in the products as well as assisted in attaining monetary recovery for investors in a classic Ponzi real estate-based scheme. 

Today, Manfred leverages this experience to advocate on behalf of consumers, employees, investors, and policyholders in individual and class action cases in state and federal court.



Hundreds Of Millions Recovered For Our Clients

Over the course of his career, this advocacy has resulted in successful financial recovery of hundreds of millions of dollars and substantial relief on behalf of aggrieved consumers, investors, insurance policyholders, and employees.

Always Staying Abreast of Developments in the Law

As the law continuously evolves, Manfred actively engages in seminars and conferences addressing the trends and complexities inherent in litigation to better serve his clients. 

He takes pride in collaborating with and learning from like-minded advocates who are committed to the prosperity and success of our collective clients.

Manfred is admitted to practice in the state of California, all United States District Courts in California, and the United States Court Of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

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If you have suffered harm by your employer, as an investor, a consumer, or an insurance consumer, contact us to learn how we can help you. Call (619) 452-1119 to schedule a free initial consultation today.

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  1. Exclusively Representing Plaintiffs Throughout his career, Manfred has consistently shown his commitment to fighting for the little guy by only representing plaintiffs.
  2. Personalized Attention for Each Client Manfred makes it his goal to ensure his clients get the help they need by aligning their goals with the proper strategy.
  3. Nearly 20 Years of Legal Experience With a career spanning nearly two decades, Manfred has extensive experience litigating class action cases, consumer financial fraud cases, employment law cases, and much more.

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