As a class-action firm focused on fighting consumer fraud and unlawful employment practices, Manfred, APC is ready to be your advocate

Understanding How A Class Action Harnesses The Collective Power Of Individuals

More often than not, people who have suffered a financial loss as a result of an unlawful business or employment practice may not be alone. Whether you are a consumer, employee, homeowner, investor, or policyholder, you may very well have been a victim of the same fraud or unlawful practice that others have experienced. The ability of consumers and employees to collectively band together in a class action is one of the most powerful tools available to most individuals. A class action has the capability to effectuate real change and recover substantial monetary damages to the benefit of you as well as numerous others just like you.

A Career Dedicated To Advocating For Consumers And Employees

Attorney Manfred Muecke has devoted nearly his entire 18-year career to fighting on behalf of consumers and employees to help recover financial damages as well as correct corporate wrongdoing. He understands what issues and claims are best presented as a class action as well as those better suited to be litigated on an individual basis.

Serving San Diego And All Of California

Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Recovered Over The Years For Class Members And Individuals

When you have suffered a loss, it is crucial that you align yourself with an attorney with an established track record of success and commitment to advocating for your rights and interests. Attorney Manfred Muecke has helped recover hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of victims of consumer and financial fraud.